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Jacklistens – jacklistens survey – www.jacklistens.com – Jack Listens Survey – Jack the box has recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey named Jack listen, it is a questionnaire-based survey.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

The company is giving you guys a chance to share your opinions and thoughts regarding their services and menu, the Jack in the Box Customer Opinion Survey online source site at www.JackListens.com serves as the foundation for this survey.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

Are you impressed by Jack in the Box’s variety of meals? Do you cherish the capacity to redo your feast? Is the promise from Quick Serve your favorite? Jack in the Box is paying attention and curious about what you have to say.

The company is making this effort to boost customer feedback and review responses. You can win a lot of prizes and free coupons by doing this, but you have to know some of the rules for the Jack in the Box Guest Survey.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

If you’re interested in learning more about the Jack Listens Survey, we have the information you need for you. This is a comprehensive guide for performing the Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey, with all of the necessary information provided. The survey is very easy to complete, it will just take some time.

Rules and Regulations of the Jacklistens Survey


  • You must have crossed the age of 18 years.
  • You can take the survey only if you live in any of the 50 states of the USA.
  • One must not be an employee or a near relative of an employee of the company.
  • You must have some necessary communication skills in either English or Spanish. You can take the Jack In The Box Customer survey in any of these languages, but having some knowledge of any of them is necessary.
  • You must only take the survey if you are eligible to take the survey. The entries are deleted if given by any candidate who receives an incomplete survey, or who is ineligible to take the jack-in-the-box box survey, and then also does the survey.
  • In the survey, if your responses are entirely based on bias, such biased survey entries are deleted, and you may be prevented from claiming any rewards.
  • To take the survey, you must have a receipt for your latest visit. The receipt contains the Jacklistens survey code, which is required to pass the verification test before you can take the survey.
  • Tampering with the survey website is an infringement of civil rights, and if you are caught doing so, you would be liable for charges.
  • Your coupon is meant for your use only, and the same shall not transfer to anyone.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

Steps to Participate in the Jacklistens Survey

jacklistens survey

  1. First, connect your device to the internet. It is necessary as the mode of taking the survey is online.
  2. After this, open your frequently used browser and search for the survey website on the internet.
  3. Once you fetch the survey website, on its homepage, a thank you message for your participation along with language options is there. You can choose from English or Spanish. Choose carefully as this will be the language in which you will take the survey.
  4. After this, enter the survey code printed on your receipt from your latest visit to the restaurant.
  5. A bar at the bottom of the page indicates the percentage of the survey you have completed.
  6. Once you answer all the questions, you can go back and review your valuable survey.
  7. Now you may submit the survey and be ready to claim your reward coupons.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

Rewards of the Jacklistens survey

They are giving away a coupon code, which you can use for getting Two Free Tacos.

Aim of the Jacklistens survey

It’s essential, like any other company, that a survey is an important element. It helps them to understand their customers’ likes and dislikes and acknowledge their situations. A survey is an excellent tool for a company to use for growth purposes.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

Background of the Jack company

Its primary market is the United States, where Robert O. Peterson established it. Up until 2017, Jack In The Box was Qdoba Mexican Grill.

There are 21 states where Jack in the Box operates. It makes hamburgers, salads, chicken, sandwiches, and desserts for delicious fast food. The French fries, burgers, and tacos at the restaurant are well-known. It was founded in 1951 and is an American business. Because these franchises are owned by several people and have shareholders, getting feedback from customers is very important to them.

Take Jack in the Box Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

After my latest visit to the restaurant, when can I take the survey?

Once you have purchased something from the restaurant, you must take the survey within 72 hours of it. After 72 hours, the survey code expires; hence hurry up and get your reward coupons before the time flies.

After I get my Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey rewards, when can I redeem them?

Once you get your coupon code, you can redeem them seven days after you receive them. Post 7 days, the coupon code will expire. Visit your nearest restaurant. Redeem the coupon.

How many times can I take the Jacklistens Customer Survey and claim my reward?

You can take the survey unlimited times and claim your survey reward coupons as many times as you want. There is no limit on the number of entries.

What if I don’t have a receipt for my recent dining at the restaurant?

You will need to purchase the survey to get the reward. You can buy anything, even a drink, and you get the Jacklistens survey code to take the survey.

Take Jack in the Box Survey


I hope you didn’t find any difficulty understanding the rules and regulations of the survey. I have tried to explain the instructions in as easy a way as possible. The coupons can be used to get free food. The survey code that allows you to take the survey from Jack In The Box expires 72 hours after the issue.

Take a Jack In The Box Guest Feedback Survey, which takes three to five minutes, to help us think outside the box and serve you better in the future. Your survey matters a ton to the café, and they are anxious to hear from you.

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